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So now that the three profiles for the three muses are done and my head is cool I'm gonna give a progress update. Also I drew two pieces of art in one day and my shoulder is shot, so bear with me here as I try to type this out. And I know I know, I'm a complainy Cathy, but if you know my work load I usually do one piece per month and two in a day is kind of heavy on me. Anyway, update: in doing the profiles I've found that there's some things that I'm not really good at. Let's not talk about lighting, OK? I'm still mad at myself for the lighting problems and I don't want this to divulge in a self loathing rant about lighting and my lack of knowledge. Aside from lighting, I'm really bad at legs and feet. I also want to learn new ways to do facial features and maybe clean up my line work. So what I'm going to do is find tutorials and work steadily to improve my art little by little until I can do a new piece of art with much more ease and skill. I'm really tired of sucking and I want to be better, so I'm gonna do all I can to get better. Now the downside to this is that I'm gonna have to put Three Muses on the back burner for a while. I don't know when I'll do a strip of it, but when I do one it'll be one hell of a reveal! Anyway I'm gonna go into a hole and study. The next few pieces will probably be study pieces and what not. 

Thank you for faving, downloading, commenting, asking questions, and/or partaking in any other form of feedback. I really appreciate it. :)



Behold My New Artsy Fartsy Sytle! LINES! XD by Aesop-Epics
Behold My New Artsy Fartsy Sytle! LINES! XD
And yes all the cool artists are miss spelling style. :P

Anyway, I wanted to work on lighting today and I think I did a good job, well... as well as I can do. What I gathered from this experiment is that I need to do more Still Lifes. Oh and about the lines on her neck, lips, eyes, and nose that was a design choice. See a while back I was on the undiscovered tab on DA and I found this awesome piece.… I liked it a lot, but I really liked were the lines. Something about those lines really resonated with me. It planted a thought in my head that I haven't been able to shake since I've seen that piece. I want to do that! The lines specifically. I want to incorporate that into my style because it looks fun! So I've been trying it out with study pieces. I have to work on it more, because the piece as a whole looks better without the lines, but I like the lines a lot, so I wanna learn how to do them better. You'll see future pieces with those lines, hell they may even be in comic strips, who knows. 

Thank you for faving, downloading, commenting, asking questions, and/or partaking in any other form of feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

Cheers from R. Lore

Once, not so long ago. Definitely not longer now than it seems before, before there was a man. There was a boy, with silly little boy dreams and hopes. He believed so heartily that if he worked hard and he tried all with all his might that he would be able to be on the same ground as all those he admired. He dreamt of being a storyteller supreme and being heralded throughout the land. That’s what he did. He worked hard. Tirelessly, night after night. Looking up at the moon and dreaming wonderful dreams. Bit by bit, failure by failure, step by step he got there. He climbed the mountain and looked down to see how far he had come. He smiled and looked around. There was no one by his side. He was alone. Because he worked so tirelessly he couldn’t be awake to greet people. Because he looked up at the moon, he never looked down and around at his friends. Because he worked bit by bit, failure by failure, step by step, he lost the little he had. When he looked down at the mountain that he had just climbed it occurred to him that no one climbed with him, that he was alone from the start. Then he looked across the field that lay on top the mountain. There were people who herald him, loved him, but they weren’t his friends. They weren’t his true companions. They could never understand. He said on many occasions that he brought light into the world only to get lost in the dark himself. That is the story of the lone wolf, who cries out for the moon. Who yearns for what he cannot have.

The man stands before the place he built with his own hands and says, “This house is not a home, but it will do for a tomb.”

Did he know? Did he know this would happen?

He did son, he knew the whole time and he still went with it.

Why didn’t he stop? Why didn’t he want something else? Why did he let himself be sad?

Because sweetie, that’s just who he is. He’d never want you to pity him. He’s very happy with what he has and he tells me his grateful constantly.

But he still so sad.

He never lets that stop him though. He sends us money all the time and if we’re ever in a jam he saves us.

I wish daddy didn’t have to go, mommy.

I know, but I left him. He told me once he wouldn’t chase me. He told me that if I walked out, he wouldn’t run because he whole heartily believes that everyone’s better off without him.

Daddy’s sad.

He’s very sad, but he’s also very proud of you and all that you do.
Can we go see daddy?

No… he works too much, he doesn’t really have time for people.

I love daddy.

I love him too…. Hey you know what sounds good right now?


How about a nice big pancake with a whip cream smiley face?

I love pancakes!

Then come on silly!
The Lone Wolf Crying Out For The Moon
I think that would be my greatest fear. Hey, future me, if this happens... a comic would be nice huh?

Thank you for faving, downloading, commenting, asking questions, and/or partaking in any other form of feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

Cheers from R. Lore



R. Lore
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United States
Welcome one, welcome all. Welcome skinny, welcome tall. Welcome stout, welcome small. You welcome one, you welcome all! Hello ladies and gentlemen I am R. Lore, storyteller supreme and connoisseur of fine tales. Deviant is my home and what's mine is yours, so come open up a book and read aloud 'cause this is your town, where everyone knows your name.

Little 'bout myself: I love telling stories and hope to one day post my personal epic the Reclaimers here on deviantART. More over my favorite stories to tell are fantasy epics. As you can see from my literary pieces I delve in that quite often.

Conclusion: This has been a friendly broadcast from your neighborhood Loremen. A pleasant night to one and all!

The Narrators Theme Song:…

Stamp Ideas (free game if you want to make them): I am R. Lore, because it belongs to us all.

Romans 8:25=Story of my life

I'm not into all the hippity-hoppity groovey-movey jazzy-wazzy flashy-classy show that is Social Media. I'm more of deviant man, if I do say so myself.

Yes you're entitled to your opinion, no you don't have to shove it down my throat.

I put the story above everything else. Me, the audience we're all along for the ride, but wherever that ride takes us we'll arrive in style.

If all we get is all we give then I'd give it all to see my stories told.

I have a lot to say about Catharsis. I will say all I have to in my comics, my stories. My Stories.

A Storyteller's job is to Entertain, Explain, and Enlighten.

You may have the right to freedom of speech, but you don't have the right to invoke hatred and anger with that freedom. Civility is the key to sanity.

Equality begins when we all agree that no one race or gender is better than the other.

I'm a humanist because I don't know if I should believe in feminism anymore.

In a perfect world Hannah Reid and Sydney Sierota have weekly pillow fights.... This is not a perfect world.

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that works gloriously with new thinking! But new thinking doesn't have to mean original. New thinking should mean innovating on what's already here.

When learning to draw stand on the shoulders of giants, but remember their way is only the match your way is the fire.

Hate Breeds Hate. Love Breeds Love.

If you don't ever believe in yourself than no one will.

I do things my way. I'm kind of a stubborn prick like that.

Stories, like art, are subjective. There are stories you like and stories you don't like, but no story is bad and likewise no story is good. I think it's impossible to make a bad story, because in the end a story will always make you feel something, whether that's intense hatred or intense love.

You don't have to write a story to tell it. There are many different ways to tell a story.

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OH YEAH! I REMEMBER THAT ONE! I ADORED THE LIPS! It gave her such a flirtatious design that I couldn't help falling for! I really liked yours! Bang up job! Keep it up! :D
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So I was faving things from the bottom up. Why? Reasons simple. I binged Transistor art before and I knew where I left off at, so just go from there right? Of course right! So I was binging from the bottom up and I kept coming back to yours. I kept thinking, "I gotta get to that one. That one had a such a cool pose. I'll be super stoked once I get it and as a bonus I'll know where I'm at." Your's was a great piece that I really enjoyed. Thank you for making it.

And thanks for the words of encouragement. :) I'm not like a lot of other people, I haven't been drawing all my life, so it doesn't come to me as well. I've only been at it for almost two years now. It's a tricky beast, but one that I enjoy challenging, even if I do lose more than I win.  You have a very merry day and cheers! :)
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