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With all the shit that I struggled with last week I just wanted to share how it is right now. Right now I haven't dabbled into the next strip, nor have I done any character profiles, but I think I'll get to it over the weekend. Week days aren't really my friends 'cause I only get a couple hours to draw. Did some roughs a few days ago for a piece, I might try to finish that later this week. Hopefully I can get to it on Friday. In general I feel good. I have this warm feeling in my heart right now. Like I'm finally on the right track you know? Still watching Ctrl paint and learning from Figure Drawing For All It's Worth, so don't worry about me getting complacent. Exactly a year ago I made the decision to abandon my (pipe) dream of working for Marvel and to go indie. Now I'm finally on the road to being an indie storyteller. It's a really good feeling to know that you're doing something right. This has been a humbling year for me so far and with each new experience I'm reminded I know less than nothing, but I'm so close to being right now after a year of being wrong day in and day out. I feel so good and I haven't felt this good in ages. I'm honestly happy for once in my life. Usually I fake happiness till I make happiness, but it's nice when it's real. Though the acquaintances and friends I've made in the last few months their lives are falling apart. Break ups mostly and other such drama, but it reminds me that hard times will come back for me. That scares me because I'm tired of being sad. I want to be happy like this all the time. I guess that's one aspect of life though huh? Take the good with the bad and take the bad with the good. It feels like when I'm happy people are sad, but when people are happy I'm sad. Crazy kind of irony. It's so strange. The whole time I've been writing this my smile's never fade. It's the kind of content smile you give when things work out in your favor instead of working against you liked you expect them to. 

Because this is becoming a tradition with me here's some mood/credit music


The Long Road to Redemption by Aesop-Epics
The Long Road to Redemption
So I fucked up. I made the first Three Muses strip without any preparation and thought, "I GOT THIS!" I didn't have it. Now I'm learning to have it. I'm gonna make a Three Muses strip, but first I'm gonna introduce the characters. Starting with the girl that began this whole adventure. She's come a long way from that shitty first drawing. Let's give it up for Allura!

This is the first drawing of her b t dubs-…

A lethargic nineteen year old who works at Mike's Comics and Games, part time because she hates working. She fills her hours with PC gaming when it's something she loves and Console gaming when it's time to roll some heads. We're explore her more as the story's come out just consider this a teaser. 

On the bad side, I really wanted to try lighting in this one, but was way too scared! XD Everything came out so well I didn't want to ruin it. Kind of makes me sad because I feel like I can do it now! Gotta remember something important, "If form blocks light it becomes shadow." Made that one up myself now we'll see how well it works. 

Edit: Cleaned up the lines and added the stress marks under her breasts. 17/5/15 (Five hours later)

Original illustration by R. Lore

Lastly, for anyone curious you can buy that shirt here:…

I don't sell it I'm just plugging it in because I used it as a reference. 
Really Pushing Myself Now by Aesop-Epics
Really Pushing Myself Now
Spent a lot of time on this one, especially that left hand. That hand was so fucking hard to draw! I must have redrew it four times! Ah well. In the end she came out pretty cute and I did enjoy the process. Trying something new. Kind of hate having the huge ass piece with an empty background, so I cropped the figure. If this works out well I'll keep doing it. If not I'll upload the original and just leave it be. 

Still Geneva. I'm really happy with this one. She feels like herself in this one. Think we found her, finally. Might be the last concept for a while. This one makes me happy. 

Edit: Hey future me, if you ever come by and look at this one remember this was the two hundredth deviation published. Personally I'm really happy it was this one. 

Original Illustration by R. Lore


R. Lore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome one, welcome all. Welcome skinny, welcome tall. Welcome stout, welcome small. You welcome one, you welcome all! Hello ladies and gentlemen I am R. Lore, storyteller supreme and connoisseur of fine tales. Deviant is my home and what's mine is yours, so come open up a book and read aloud 'cause this is your town, where everyone knows your name.

Little 'bout myself: I love telling stories and hope to one day post my personal epic the Reclaimers here on deviantART. More over my favorite stories to tell are fantasy epics. As you can see from my literary pieces I delve in that quite often.

Conclusion: This has been a friendly broadcast from your neighborhood Loremen. A pleasant night to one and all!

The Narrators Theme Song:…

Stamp Ideas (free game if you want to make them): I am R. Lore, because it belongs to us all.

Romans 8:25=Story of my life

I'm not into all the hippity-hoppity groovey-movey jazzy-wazzy flashy-classy show that is Social Media. I'm more of deviant man, if I do say so myself.

Yes you're entitled to your opinion, no you don't have to shove it down my throat.

I put the story above everything else. Me, the audience we're all along for the ride, but wherever that ride takes us we'll arrive in style.

If all we get is all we give then I'd give it all to see my stories told.

I have a lot to say about Catharsis. I will say all I have to in my comics, my stories. My Stories.

A Storyteller's job is to Entertain, Explain, and Enlighten.

You have may have the right to freedom of speech, but you don't have the right to invoke hatred and anger with that freedom. Civility is the key to sanity.

Equality begins when we all agree that no one race or gender is better than the other.

I'm a humanist because I don't know if I should believe in feminist anymore.

In a perfect world Hannah Reid and Sydney Sierota have weekly pillow fights.... This is not a perfect world.

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that works gloriously with new thinking! But new thinking doesn't have to mean original. New thinking should mean innovating on what's already here.

When learning to draw stand on the shoulders of giants, but remember their way is only the match your way is the fire.

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