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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When life gives you a broken egg you make an omelette. When you're making art sometimes the best things you make come out of the most difficult times. That happened last week. Last week I had two days off from my job and I didn't work on drawings either of those days. Yet, I made some of the best things I've ever made in that week. Anniversary Week this year was so fantastic because of how good I felt I did on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! I think it also left me with a feeling of wanting more, so I have a thought. Instead of working myself ragged trying to create a daily figure drawing how about a weekly pinup? I have a lot of books that I've collected! Something for lighting, something for anatomy, something for perspective, something for composition, something for each area I want to get better at. I need more time to read each of these books and study harder. The daily drawings just aren't fun for me right now. I get to it at the end of the day, not because I'm lazy, but because there's a large part of me that just doesn't want to do it, but I still wanna draw daily in general I just don't want to post everyday. So I think I'm gonna start doing warm ups that don't take as long, maybe gesture drawings, maybe simple busts, maybe parts of the body I have trouble with, study pieces I suppose. The pinups are, hopefully, going to be the culmination of my studies. I don't really want to give myself a day to post them, but I'd like to stick to weekends, specifically Saturday, but I'm not saying that's a hard deadline, like I need to make a pinup every Saturday, it's more a want, a desire if you will. But I want to try something more playful more expressive than the figure drawings. I really want to experiment more because it's studies and experiments that made doing dailies so much fun in the first place! Because I drew so infrequently every daily in August was a new experiment and I learned a lot from doing them, but now it feels like I'm stagnating and not really learning a lot. I feel like I'm not trying my utmost best because I don't want to do it at some level. I'm still going to be drawing everyday, but I need to back off and just relax. Draw a little something something everyday and not something huge everyday. So today there won't be a daily because I just don't feel like drawing. Tomorrow there may be a warm up and this weekend there may be a pin up. I don't know, we'll see. There will definitely be a Pinup by Tuesday though. I got something special planned for All Hallows' Eve. ;) 

Thanks for understanding guys and Cheers to Pinup! :) 


R. Lore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome one, welcome all. Welcome skinny, welcome tall. Welcome stout, welcome small. You welcome one, you welcome all! Hello ladies and gentlemen I am R. Lore, storyteller supreme and connoisseur of fine tales. Deviant is my home and what's mine is yours, so come open up a book and read aloud 'cause this is your town, where everyone knows your name.

Little 'bout myself: I love telling stories and hope to one day post my personal epic the Reclaimers here on deviantART. More over my favorite stories to tell are fantasy epics. As you can see from my literary pieces I delve in that quite often.

Conclusion: This has been a friendly broadcast from your neighborhood Loremen. A pleasant night to one and all!

The Narrators Theme Song

For those interested I'm also on Twitter, which I use to update my followers.

Random Quotes I think of (if you wanna make them into stamps go ahead): Just who the hell do you think I am?! I'm Robert the Lore! And mine are the stories that will shine on in the hearts of man!

Romans 8:25=Story of my life

I'm not into all the hippity-hoppity groovey-movey jazzy-wazzy flashy-classy show that is Social Media. I'm more of deviant man, if I do say so myself.

Yes you're entitled to your opinion, no you don't have to shove it down my throat.

I put the story above everything else. Me, the audience we're all along for the ride, but wherever that ride takes us we'll arrive in style.

If all we get is all we give then I'd give it all to see my stories told.

I have a lot to say about Catharsis. I will say all I have to in my comics, my stories. My Stories.

A Storyteller's job is to Entertain, Explain, and Enlighten.

You may have the right to freedom of speech, but you don't have the right to invoke hatred and anger with that freedom. Civility is the key to sanity.

Equality begins when we all agree that no one race or gender is better than the other.

I'm a humanist because I don't know if I should believe in feminism anymore.

In a perfect world Hannah Reid and Sydney Sierota have weekly pillow fights.... This is not a perfect world.

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that works gloriously with new thinking! But new thinking doesn't have to mean original. New thinking should mean innovating on what's already here.

When learning to draw stand on the shoulders of giants, but remember their way is only the match your way is the fire.

Hate Breeds Hate. Love Breeds Love.

If you don't ever believe in yourself than no one will.

I do things my way. I'm kind of a stubborn prick like that.

Stories, like art, are subjective. There are stories you like and stories you don't like, but no story is bad and likewise no story is good. I think it's impossible to make a bad story, because in the end a story will always make you feel something, whether that's intense hatred or intense love.

You don't have to write a story to tell it. There are many different ways to tell a story.

What really drives me is isn't faith in myself, but the belief that I will get there, so long as I keep moving forward and never stop trying. I believe in the hope of my future. That's my motivation. Hope and the future.

I can tell you a story in 5 seconds flat. With a setting and characters, one in 3 seconds. A Scarlet haired temptress, banquet, and the right to light things on fire is my collateral.

It doesn't matter how good you are comparatively. It only matters how good you are individually

I specialize in From Nobody To Nightmare and Badasses

Growing up and dreaming of being a storyteller, Patreon helped me sleep at night, gave me hope for the morning, and something to work towards in the afternoon.

My head is in noble, wealthy, idealistic, clouds, but my heels are dug deep in destitute, weary, pessimistic mud.

When it comes to drawing, it's not about what I have or haven't done. It's about what I'll do next and how much I've grown from what I did last.

Art is just a series of questions and how you answer those questions is what makes you who you are. The only real difference between you and Picasso, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo is perception. You can learn how to do things their way, but why would you? They already did things their way. You should do things your way. That's what makes you who you are. Your answers to the questions are your way.

I like to learn how other people draw to strengthen my way. That's just part of who I am. Understanding how others fight dragons helps me understand how to fight my own demons. In more flighty terms.

Home is in the heart not on the soil.

I'm just trying to be what I'm not: A Good Man.

I could never be a hero, but I can tell a hero's story and maybe in that I'll find a little... warmth

Fuck the stars and the sun, I'll be the moon! Doesn't shine every night, but when it does it's twice as bright!

You only start losing when you stop fighting.

Love without attachment is fire without oxygen.

Your real opponent isn't in the corner. It's on the wall ticking away waiting apathetically to ring the bell. Uncaring for your struggle or your life. Your real enemy is time. And time doesn't give a single fuck about you.

Stories transcend all the pettiness of humanity. Slavery, Poverty, Empires. All are forgotten by stories, because stories are the one thing humans have made that defeats our mortal enemy: time. Stories are embedded as deeply into people as the DNA your parents gave. That's how we live on in hearts and minds, through our stories.

I don't believe in tomorrow, because if today is all that exists then I'll do everything to make today matter.

Differentiate the work from the worker

Life is but a dream and death an alarm clock

I'm the villain of the story, but all I want is to be the hero.

I think freedom's more important than equality. Because, if you're free you can still be equal, but if you're forced to be equal then you're not really free. That's not to say equality isn't important. It should be a society's moral obligation to make its people equal, but never at the cost of the society's freedom of expression.

Charm: Out of This World
Wisdom: So Low The Devil Looks At It and Says, Daaamn!

An artist's style is more than just how the lineart forms. It's the conscious mistakes and methodical decisions made after years of refinement. An artist's style is simply a groove that they are comfortable with. This groove can, and more often than not, will change.

An artist is, at their heart, a utilitarian. They use tools constantly. Every principle of design, every foundation skill, every keyboard shortcut, every pencil, pen, stylus, and marker is a tool. An artist knows the perfect tool for the job.

That's the thing about stories, and I guess life too, you don't plan out the accidents they just kind of happen and sometimes they make you really happy.

When I'm strong enough I'll stop standing on hero's shoulders and start standing shoulder to shoulder with them. And when people stand on my shoulders I'll teach them to stand shoulder to shoulder with me, just like the Heroes before me.

You know that feeling of "could have done this better"? Yeah, that doesn't go away when you acquire strength, huh? Welp, shit.

There are things you want to hold on to that will always leave your side. There are things you want desperately to get rid of, but they will never leave you. Life is all about being OK, with what stays and with what goes. What holds on to you and what departs from you.

You don't only live once. You live every time you make a memory or do something completely insane and surreal. However, you'll only ever die once. It matters how many times you've lived. It won't matter how many times you die.

(Not mine, but I like it) The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb

The difference between $15 and 15 million dollars, to me, is six zeroes. Wealth and class is much more than just money. It's an attitude.

Virtues aren't something you keep. They're something you chase.

People aren't black and white. They're a variation of the color brown. Obsidian is black. Marshmallows are white. You're telling me, that a man is the color of obsidian and that a girl is the color of a marshmallow? If a man is the color of obsidian I think he has a disease and if a girl is the color of a marshmallow I think she's dead. Just my thoughts. Don't let me stop you from seeing color where there is none.

Skin tone to me just an aesthetic. It's either a desirable quality or an undesirable quality, depending on the person. But, I don't really see people as people until I know them. I think of people as art. Some pieces are good and decent, some are beautiful beyond compare, but I never find an art piece I don't like. Everyone's some kind of desirable quality. Some have good cheekbones, some luscious hair, some a strong jaw, a few have sparkling eyes. It's easy for me to see the good in people this way. When I know them, that's when they're people and it's much harder to judge people. People are complex.

I think, in this day and age, we spend too much time thinking what's sexist, what's racist, what's offensive, what we can't do, what we shouldn't do and too little time thinking of what we should do and what's fun. Somebody will hate what you love and somebody will twist your words around to make you look the villain or the fool, why appease them? I'm not saying, "Don't be civil or decorous". I'm not saying, "Don't let your conversations be filled with comity". I am saying, "Get your mind off the minutiae." Life is too short to worry about if you're going to hurt someone or not. Just have fun and if your fun hurts someone apologize, but let them know that you never meant it mean spirited. If you did mean to hurt someone through your fun, that's wrong and you're a dick.

Races like Black and White, Native American and Latino are less about skin color and more about culture. The color of your skin can't change you, but culture can. What you're told you can and can't be, what your parents expect of you, what your neighborhood expects of you, what your brothers and sisters expect of you that's culture and that changes you. For better or worse. However, there's nothing in this world that says, "You MUST be apart of their culture." That is always a choice you make. For better or worse.

You can think I'm racist. You can think I'm sexist. I implore you to villify me, demonize me! I know who I am and I know what I've done. Make my name blasphemy, go ahead! It won't change who I am. People don't have to like me to like what I've done or how I've done it.

I gentrify tradition to make something innovative that's old and new at the same time.

There is a very thin, almost non-existent, line between vaunting the human form and abusing the human form. Vaunting the human form is artistic nudity, abusing it is porn.

You ever wonder what Icarus felt like when his wings burnt up and he fell into the ocean? I don't. Normally, a person doesn't wonder about things they already know.

If your life is a living document do not fear the antithesis to it. It will strengthen your resolve.

Any Creative Endeavor is mental mountain climbing. There's The Fall Before The Climb, The Climb Itself, Right Before Summit, and The Peak. After The Peak you fall down the other side of the mountain and then you climb the next one, and there's always a next one. I don't know what The Peak looks like or what Right Before Summit feels like, but I know The Fall Before The Climb and The Climb Itself. I know The Fall feels like your high school sweet heart is filing divorce papers and that everything is dark and dreary and everything is bad and getting worse and that you just want to quit and turn away. That it's hard to get back up and start climbing and that it takes a while to really establish a rhythm with climbing. I know you meet nice people while climbing and sometimes they became your inspiration to keep climbing. I know The Climb itself is grueling and heart aching and that you'll wanna take a rest, and it's OK to take a rest. Every mountain has a little hole you can crawl into when things get too tough, but it's gonna be up to you and you alone to crawl out of your cave. Then you start climbing again. I've never seen The Peak, so I don't know what Right Before Summit feels like, but I imagine it's the scariest and greatest feeling in the world. Maybe when I do know what it feels like I'll comeback and amend this, but for now I'm still climbing.

There's a lot of talk about privilege, but no one ever goes over what privilege really is. To me privilege is the ability to just chill in your home and just turn on netflix to watch a show you've been thinking about, to open up that book that's been on your list forever, to play a video game that's been sitting on your shelf for a while, to watch a movie all your friends are talking about or even to just hang out with your friends. Privilege is being able to just let go and relax with no worries. Some people in the world aren't allowed to just chill for a hot minute. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed. Surviving is more important than thriving in happiness. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, "Do I have the ability to just take a couple hours and relax?" If you do you're privileged, and you just checked that.

The pivotal difference between a good man and a bad man is that a good man tries his damnedest to do the right thing, and when he's wrong he owns up to it and tries to get right. A bad man never believes he was wrong in the first place and there is nothing you or I can say or do to change the infallible truth that he is always right. A bad man will not accept he is wrong. Ever.

We have to remind every man, woman, and especially children that storytelling isn't selfishly shoehorning in the world what you want to see. Storytelling is about sharing the world you come from and what makes it special to you.

Fanning the flames of hate makes you just as bad as those who begot the fire.

For a storyteller, your insanity shall breed ingenuity and the method to your madness will be the medium with which you tell your story.


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Thank you so much for your kind support and the faves...cheers...  Portals and Emote Beer
Aesop-Epics Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember your piece, but I could have sworn it looked different when I faved it a few days ago. Regardless it's very pretty! Reminds me of a post card. Like the model you used, saturating the lighting on her torso was a good way to even out the tonal values. Great stuff, keep up the awesome work, mate! Cheers. :)
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
Thanks for faving "Not Gonna Give Up STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes ":iconbadassplz:
Aesop-Epics Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I really dug that piece! Has a great mood and some sharp colors. Great job and thanks for making it! :)
Yolashillinia Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
Aesop-Epics Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah that one sticks out in my head! I was really into the symbolism and upon first inspection thought it was about how The Boxer feels while he's trapped inside the sword and Red's taking on The Spine. How he turns red and goes insane when he's around that thing, you know? I thought it really told a story, even though it was a rather simple drawing. It's a fantastic piece thanks for making it! :)
Yolashillinia Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, that sounds pretty great. I was just going for a literal visualization of the lyrics, but you've added another layer of interpretation right there. Thanks!
Aesop-Epics Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, why make art if no one's meant to interpret it? :) Different eyes catch different things. Beautiful thing about diversity. 
madlynx Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016   Photographer

Thanks for adding to your :+fav:

Ferns VIII by madlynx

Glad you like it! 
Have a Great Day  :peace::love::sun: 8-)
Aesop-Epics Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You always have such iconic coloring in your pieces! I can always tell it's yours just by the colors! Like her expression in this one, something really nice to capture on camera. Great job here! Well done. :)
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